Can I cancel my order?

Please note that our Customer Care team is not able to cancel or amend your order for you and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

However, you can cancel your order within 15 minutes of placing the order* by the following options:
- By selecting the cancel button at the bottom of the order confirmation page or the order confirmation email
- By logging into your account, selecting the order you wish to cancel and selecting the cancel button

If there is no cancel button in any of the above screens, there is no longer the option to cancel your order.
*orders that include a Gift Card and/or Tree Credits are exempt from cancelation.

 As much as we would like, we are unable to make any amendments or cancelations to an order once it has been placed and your 15-minute window has passed.

If necessary, we recommend rejecting the delivery on arrival. If rejected, please let us know so we can make sure your refund is processed accordingly.

If you wish to return your order please visit our returns hub here and follow the on-screen instructions to generate your returns label.

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