My payment failed, but I was still charged. What should I do?

If your payment failed but you were still charged, it may be that your bank has taken the funds as a pre-authorization and the money will bounce back to your account.

As we don't have visibility of this, we recommend contacting your bank directly if the funds don't bounce back.

If you are still having issues, please provide the following information so we can assist you further:

  • Email address that was used for the attempted purchase
  • Last four digits of the card used for the attempted purchase
  • Order amount
  • Time and date of the attempted order

You can reach out to us by clicking 'Black Speach Bubble' in the bottom left-hand corner or by using the 'Chat' button on our website. If one of our agents is online, you will find this in the bottom left-hand corner in a 'Chat' button.

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